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Wherever devices and machines need to make highly dynamic and precise linear movements, linear guides with the integrated FORMULA-S cage assist  system meet the requirement.

Application reliability due to cage assist

The FORMULA-S cage assist system fulfils the above with high productivity and cost benefits. It is extremely robust, easy to assemble and consists of only a few components.

FORMULA-S guarantees that the cage, which is supported by frictionless bearings, is guided reliably in the centre of two rails.

Sample application with FORMULA-S

Linear bearings play a vital role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumors. The more precise the movements, the more
meaningful the tomography images, x-rays and tissue probes. And that produces more accurate diagnosis.

The advantages of FORMULA-S

  • Perfect load distribution
  • Prevents the need for cage correction strokes
  • No effort required to reset cage
  • Accelerations up to 300 m/s² (30 g)
  • Long operating life
  • Vacuum- compatible up to 10-7 mbar

Wide range of industries

Our micro frictionless tables FORMULA-S provide users with definite competitive advantages in the following industries:

● Biotechnology ● Surface finishing
● Semiconductor industry ● Micro automation
● Laboratory automation ● Optical industry
● Medical technology ● Pick & Place
● Metrology ● Robotics
● Nanotechnology ● Micro machining