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Gear racks - Q5 in 2 m length

Gear racks - Q5 in 2 m length

SCHNEEBERGER stands for high quality and short delivery times for standard types of gear racks. Customers benefit from continuous improvement based on many years of manufacturing experience. This means higher accuracy at the same or lower cost. SCHNEEBERGER not only offers simple standard products, but also its expertise and know-how.

Customer benefits
SCHNEEBERGER stands for precision and quality in standard straight-toothed or helical-toothed types of gear racks. Based on customer needs, SCHNEEBERGER gear racks are milled, ground and subjected to various hardening processes. If needed, gear racks can also be produced with special hole patterns. Any modules up to 20m, in metric or inch divisions, in various grades of steel, including stainless steel, are available, depending on the application.

Q5 gear racks in 2 m length
Q5 gear racks in 2 m lengths offer great advantages. Building on the many years of experience of its employees, SCHNEEBERGER improved its grinding process. 2 m gear racks offer lower total division errors. This results in a significant increase in accuracy, even in applications with the same costs.

Short delivery times
For SCHNEEBERGER, short delivery times are just as important as technical variety, precision and consistent quality at a high level. Quick response times are self-evident, not only with standard products, but also with gear racks that are produced individually based on the expectations and needs of our customers.

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