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MONORAIL AMS: precise distance measurement of up to 6 meters or more

MONORAIL AMS: precise distance measurement of up to 6 meters or more

Precise linear motion requires accurate distance measurement. SCHNEEBERGER offers integrated AMS distance measuring systems for this based on MONORAIL BM and MR profile rail guides, a cost-optimized solution for a wide range of applications.

Customer benefits
Precise linear motion requires accurate distance measurement. This is exactly what SCHNEEBERGER offers with its integrated MONORAIL AMS distance measuring systems, the cost-optimized solutions for a wide range of applications. Additional advantages for our customers are its resistance to dirt and its watertightness (class IP 68), which also enable its use in difficult working environments. SCHNEEBERGER also guarantees the worldwide availability of spare parts within five days.

Ideal for mechanical engineering and automation
With the integrated AMS measuring system by SCHNEEBERGER, our customers receive an integrated distance measuring system in ready-to-install quality that is suitable for mechanical engineering. The AMS distance measuring systems are compatible with machine tools and thus ideally suited for a variety of applications in mechanical engineering and automation. Wherever precision, compact design and cost-effectiveness are required.

Digital and analog
The AMSA type analog, magneto-resistive distance measuring system was specially developed for machine tools. With the AMSD type digital measuring system, it is possible to change the read head with minimal time and expense for installation and engineering. Type AMSA 3L - the product for all lengths - impresses with the mechanical and metrological precision of the measuring rail assemblies. All measuring systems can be used with rollers or balls. They can be controlled using common control interfaces such as Fanuc, Siemens or Mitsubishi.

Up to 6 meters or more
The maximum one-piece profile rail length for all AMS distance measuring systems with rollers and balls is 6 meters. For the analog systems, however, several MONORAIL guideways can be combined as required. Thanks to the special design of the rail joints, in combination with the AMSA 3L read head, joints can be traversed, and any lengths of measuring axes can be constructed.

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