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SCHNEEBERGER gear racks – from 3 m long up to complex customer preferences

SCHNEEBERGER gear racks – from 3 m long up to complex customer preferences

Optimal designs of gear racks can be created from the longest possible components. This results in a decrease in costs and assembly effort, while simultaneously increasing quality.

Customer benefits
The primary benefit with gear racks from SCHNEEBERGER lies in the maximum one-piece length of 3000 mm (2000 mm times Q5). The longer the gear rack, the higher the precision, and with simultaneous decreases in costs. If necessary, the gear racks can also be installed side by side for even longer strokes. SCHNEEBERGER gear racks also offer the possibility of being arranged in any type of cross-section with different types of attachments, completely based on the customer's needs. An additional plus consists of the production of optional combinations of various materials and hardening processes.

Low cost, high quality
Another benefit of the 3000 mm gear racks from SCHNEEBERGER is the minimal assembly effort required compared with short gear racks. This helps to further decrease project costs. The increase in quality resulting from longer gear racks can be increased to an even greater degree. Synchronous gear racks can also be used, such as those used in gantry machines, for example.

Technical superiority
The excellent performance – and technical superiority – of SCHNEEBERGER gear racks are due to careful manufacturing, the company's many years of experience, and the constant search for further opportunities for optimization. The case-hardened SCHNEEBERGER gear racks are impressive in their application because of their outstanding quality, which cannot be compared with carburized inductively hardened gear racks.

SCHNEEBERGER offers interchangeable replacement gear racks, available at any time. This means that if a gear rack needs to be replaced during the course of service, SCHNEEBERGER will supply an installation-compatible replacement gear rack. These can be installed quickly and easily, at a low cost. Qualitatively, the replacement gear racks are in any case at least as good as the original ones to be replaced.