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The last word in productivity - MSQ

The last word in productivity - MSQ

Developed for high speeds and accelerations in the work process, the SCHNEEBERGER MINISLIDE MSQ micro frictionless tables guarantee the highest rigidity values and load capacities. And the integrated cage control always guarantees high process reliability. The possible applications and customer benefits are wide-ranging. Even at high temperatures or in a vacuum.

Customer benefits of the MINISLIDE MSQ
Greater customer benefits with MINISLIDE MSQ: although they are very compact in dimensions, their design enables them to support a load of up to 15 times that of a conventional frictionless table of comparable size. The materials used make them suitable for a variety of applications. Even for applications in high temperatures or ultra-high vacuum. MINISLIDE MSQ tables are available in the rail widths 7, 9, 12 and 15 mm. Depending on the type, in four or five length and stroke versions: MSQ 15: System lengths in mm: 70 – 130 / strokes in mm: 66 – 102 MSQ 12: System lengths in mm: 50 – 100 / strokes in mm: 45 – 70 MSQ 9: System lengths in mm: 40 – 80 / strokes in mm: 34 – 66 MSQ 7: System lengths in mm: 30 – 70 / strokes in mm: 20 – 58

High speed and acceleration
High-acceleration applications demand well thought-out solutions. With their unique design with integrated cage control, our MINISLIDE MSQ micro frictionless tables fulfil the requirements of the most modern of drive technologies. Speeds up to 3 m/s and acceleration up to 300 m/s2 can easily be achieved.

High process reliability thanks to cage control
Lateral play of the cage reduces the effectiveness of linear guideways. In the MINISLIDE MSQ, this is prevented by means of a sophisticated and robust cage control system. This makes these SCHNEEBERGER MINISLIDE MSQ micro frictionless tables ideal for vertical installation positions. The gear rack and pinion are integrated directly into the carriage and guideway. The cage and pinion are made from high-quality plastic.

High rigidity and load capacities
The MINISLIDE MSQ micro frictionless tables have four tracks with a circular arc profile. In combination with the offset tracks, a high level of evenly distributed force from all directions is achieved, as well as high torque rigidity. MINISLIDE MSQ products are preloaded with zero backlash. In combination with the high number of rolling elements, a high level of system rigidity, high load capacities and therefore the highest precision are guaranteed.