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MINISCALE PLUS - the intelligent measuring system for challenging technical demands

MINISCALE PLUS - the intelligent measuring system for challenging technical demands

The MINISCALE PLUS distance measuring system is fully integrated into the SCHNEEBERGER  MINIRAIL miniature guideway. This combination of guiding and measuring simplifies assembly and installation considerably and results in extremely compact applications. As a result, MINISCALE PLUS is a very economical solution for challenging technical demands.

Customer benefits
MINISCALE PLUS is based on the MINIRAIL miniature guideway and consists of the same eight rail widths with up to four carriage types each. Wherever the MINIRAIL fits, the MINISCALE PLUS also fits, with the added benefit of the integrated measuring system with no additional installation space needed: the measuring sensor is integrated into the carriage and the measuring scale is mounted directly onto the guideway. Measuring is carried out directly in the work process (significant reduction of Abbe errors) with a linearity of ± 5 µm on one meter. By default, resolutions of 0.1, 1.0 und 10.0 µm can be selected. Customized resolutions up to 25 µm are possible for a surcharge. MINISCALE PLUS is resistant to vibrations and shocks since it is a single unit. The measuring scale is part of the guide rail and MINISCALE PLUS measures the actual position as feedback for the controls. This reduces the analysis of the thermal aspect ratio and amount of compensation required for the controller.

Quick and easy to assembled
SCHNEEBERGER delivers MINISCALE PLUS ready for installation. This simplifies and accelerates the installation process. This means additional components or post-processing, such as for glass scales or glued measurement scales, are not necessary. Distance measurements also do not have to be adjusted separately.

Less construction expense
The MINISCALE PLUS measuring system is already integrated into the SCHNEEBERGER MINIRAIL miniature guideway. This means there are no construction costs for a separate distance measuring system. This reduces and simplifies construction costs. At the same time, less space is required. This in turn allows for a simpler and more compact design. Since MINISCALE PLUS is based on the successful MINIRAIL design, even service-life values are ultimately comparable. MINISCALE PLUS is the right solution for many applications.

Interface modules in four structural types guarantee connection with the control units: D-Sub 9 connector (with or without housing), Micro Match connector without housing or a module that only has solder connections. If the flexible print of the sensor is too short in the application, a dynamically loadable flat flex cable (FFC), in lengths of 250 mm, 400 mm or 600 mm, can be used between the flexprint and the interface module.