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MINI-X = Miniature guideways, MINIRAIL carriages with long-term lubrication LUBE-S, micro frictionless tables and integrated distance measuring system

Miniature guideways are compact and precise for maximum productivity. Maintenance free guideways - lubricant reservoir directly integrated into MINIRAIL carriages.

The miniature guideways MINIRAIL, the micro frictionless tables MINISLIDE and the integrated distance measuring systems MINISCALE PLUS, which have a major impact thanks to their degree of precision, robustness and versatility, were developed for high speeds and accelerations in the work process.

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Maintenance free guideways - lubricant reservoir directly integrated into MINIRAIL carriages

MlNlRAlL represents the latest generation of miniature guideways for sophisticated applications. They are extremely robust. Their smooth running precision and reliability are demonstrated in every application.

MINIRAIL carriages with long-term lubrication LUBE-S

MINI-X Impressions


MINIRAIL - the range of high-precision guideways

The design, material selection and surface finish of the recirculation element and ball entry zone, guarantee low pulsation and therefore a smooth ride.

The range includes eight rail widths which can be combined with up to four carriage sizes.

NEW: short carriage version (Order code MNNS). The best choice for restricted installation spaces.

Customer benefits of the short carriage:

  • The compact, short carriage is ideally suited to small installation spaces
  • Consistently high level of accuracy
  • Long lifetime

Product overview carriages and rails

Rail width in mm Carriage Version
MN 7 MNNS 7 short
MNN 7 standard
MNNL 7 long
MNNXL 7 extra long
MN 9 MNNS 9short
MNN 9 standard
MNNL 9 long
MNNXL 9 extra long
MN 12 MNNS 12 short
MNN 12 standard
MNNL 12 long
MNNXL 12 extra long
MN 15 MNNS 15 short
MNN 15 standard
MNNL 15 long
MNNXL 15 extra long
MN 14 MNN 14 standard
MNNL 14 long
MN 18 MNN 18 standard
MNNL 18 long
MN 24 MNN 24 standard
MNNL 24 long
MN 42 MNN 42 standard
MNNL 42 long



offers the highest level of reliability for accelerations of up to 300 m/s2 and speeds of up to 5 m/s


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Advantages of the MINIRAIL

  • Highest process stability at speeds of 5 m/s and accelerations of 300 m/s² (30 g)
  • Exchangeable carriages
  • Low risk of contamination thanks to low clearance between carriage and rail
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Low travel pulsation
  • Low impact sensitivity
  • Vacuum-compatible up to 10-7 mbar


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