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Recirculating units with balls, rollers, needle bearings, or needle cages

Bearing units combined with linear guideways allow equal load-bearing and space-saving designs in all directions

 Type SKType SKDType SKCType SRType NRT / NRV
Type SKType SKDType SKCType SRType NRT / NRV
Loading capacity
Running characteristics
Requirements on accuracy and rigidity of the surrounding structure
Lubrification free capability    
High operating temperature    
  • Legend:
  • 100%100% best choice
  • 75%75%
  • 50%50%
  • 25%25% good choice
  • 0%0%


The Type SK recirculating unit is equipped with balls and is suitable for small to medium loads. It is used in combination with SCHNEEBERGER Type R or Type RD linear guideways. Space-saving designs are created that can support equal loads in all directions. Likewise, the Type SKD recirculating unit is also equipped with damping elements that ensure improved running smoothness. The Type SKC recirculating units, combined with SCHNEEBERGER Type R or RD linear guideways, enables an unlimited displacement path. The SKC recirculating unit is installed in the same way as the SCHNEEBERGER Types SK and SR roller units. It is well-suited for small to medium loads. The combination of coated steel, ceramic, and Teflon® balls provides excellent suitability for dry running, vacuum, and cleanroom applications. The Type SR recirculating unit has rollers arranged crosswise and is suitable for medium to high loads. Used in combination with SCHNEEBERGER linear guideways, the installed dimensions are the same as for Type SK, but with greater load carrying capacity and rigidity. The Type NRT roller recirculating units for medium to high loads have two independent tracks, ensuring low roller play and an optimal ratio of roller length and diameter for minimal lateral forces.