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Revolutionary Twin Gantry Positioning System

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Doubling of the positioning speed in the following application areas:

Twin Gantry

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and many more everyday electronic products are becoming ever more efficient and/or smaller. This is due to semiconductor chips, the miniaturization of which seems to be endless. Inserting and testing structures (data highways) in these tiny electronic parts requires systems whose accuracy of movement has to be within micrometers and nanometers. The major chip manufacturers also expect optimum speed, as this has a direct impact on profit. In addition to the optical system, in order to most thoroughly satisfy the requirements, efficient positioning units are in great demand in production and test facilities. They ensure that the wafers dotted with hundreds of chips are quickly and accurately positioned.

The X and Y axes are uncoupled from each other

The name Twin Gantry reflects the decisive technical principle: two gantry axes are used. This means that the X and Y axes are uncoupled from each other. This is possible by arranging them in a cross and achieving independent movement through multiple guide rails. This innovative construction means the lower axis does not have to bear the weight of the upper axis, which massively reduces the lower axis's speed in the usual stacked configuration. In the Twin Gantry, the X and Y axes each bear their own weight, as well as that of the axis of rotation, the wafer and the clamp system.

CFRP components in the Twin Gantry

It is also important that Schneeberger uses a high-tech composite material made of different carbon fibers and fitted with integrated attenuation layers.

This is how we manage to rapidly dissipate even minor oscillations in the system during positioning and to stabilize the system as quickly as possible.

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Our customers' requirements:
Reliable and precise products.

Our solution:
tailored systems, from single axes with integral control units through to highly complex machines.

SCHNEEBERGER overview linear bearings and positioning systems

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Integrated components:

  • CFRP components
  • MINISCALE with integral MINISCALE PLUS measuring system
  • Mineral cast components
  • The X and Y axes with integrated damping system
  • Recirculating ball bearings with optimal pulsation level with the highest degree of sturdiness

Examples of use: 200 mm x 200 mm 

  • Position accuracy of 5 μm 
  • Stroke up to 200 x 200 mm x 360°
  • Maximum speed up to 2 m/s
  • Working load up to 1 kg
  • Acceleration values of 5 g
  • Accuracy class < 1 μm
  • MINISCALE PLUS resolution up to 0.1 μm

These presented examples of use refer to our example system Twin Gantry. Through our customized systems, we can offer you solutions even for highly complex motion tasks. As a result, the customer can formulate the characteristics to be achieved themselves; for example, the payload and the stroke could be selected differently. Challenge us with your specific requirements.

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