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Precision motion control

Precision motion controls

Schneeberger systems are available to be delivered with precision motion controls.  There are a wide range of controls available in the market each with its own straights.  Precision motion controls are available with a variety of options such as number of axes, I/O availability and analog/digital encoder handling capability.  Our engineers are able to select the motion control that will best satisfy any customer’s precision motion control requirements.

Micro positioning systems

Multi-axis motion stages

Multi-axis motion stages are available from Schneeberger in 2 forms.  The first is based on stacking one actuator on top of another.  This method is more desirable for the customer that requires a multi axis motion stage in low quantity and does not have stringent requirements on fit and form.  The second is the custom configuration which will take overall height, foot print and orthogonally among other requirements into consideration. 

Micro positioning systems

Nano Positioning System

The Nano Positioning System has been specifically designed to allow the exact positioning in the nanometer range. A nanometer is 1/1,000,000,000 of a meter.  Nano Positioning System are using in such processes as thin-film surface coatings, integrated circuit inspection and microlithography.  The standard unit allows 5cm range of movement on any axis. By extending the arms, almost any length is achievable with the same accuracy.



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