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Frictionless tables in various designs

Linear units suitable for flexible dimensioning and multiple installation options

Type NKType NKLType NE
Loading capacity
Running characteristics
Anti cage creeping option
Light weigth design
Corrosion resistant
  • Legend:
  • 100%100% best choice
  • 75%75%
  • 50%50%
  • 25%25% good choice
  • 0%0%


The Type NK frictionless tables, supplied in either steel or cast iron, consists of equal length top and bottom parts and the associated Type R longitudinal guideways. All tables are equipped with Type AC roller cages and Type GB end pieces and can be used for horizontal and vertical installation. In the standard version, stroke is limited by two screws on the top part and one screw on the bottom part. The wide choice of dimensions makes the frictionless table suitable for a wide range of applications. Type NKL impresses with its lightweight design, which is achieved through the use of aluminum components. In the standard version, the stroke is limited in the same way as Type NK. NE linear tables are built as closed units. The narrow gap between the top and bottom parts prevents dirt penetration. All sizes are equipped with Type R longitudinalguideways and can be used for all directions of movement. Threaded fastening holes are standard in the top and bottom parts. Table parts in aluminum, linear guideways in stainless versions.