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Type M/V linear guideways

Frictionless guideways with needle cages feature small displacement resistance values and extreme rigidity at high loads

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Linear bearing type M/V

The Type M/V linear guideways equipped with needle cages are particularly well-suited for high-load applications. The SCHNEEBERGER composite cage results in smaller displacement resistance values and greater rigidity compared with similar needle guideways.

Sizes: 3015, 4020, 5025, 6035, 7040, 8050

Lengths: 100 to 1500 mm


  • SHW, HW cages
  • EM, EV, EAM, EAV end pieces

Type RN and RNG linear guideways with rollers,
Type R linear guideways with balls or rollers,
Type RD linear guideways with balls or rollers,
Type N/O linear guideways with rollers or needles

The types RN, RNG, R, RD, N/O, and M/V provide linear motion technology with a cross-roller guideway, ball guideway, needle bearings, or needle cages

Frictionless roller guideways, such as in Types RN, RNG, R, RD, N/O, and M/V move machinery or assemblies in linear directions

Linear bearing type RN with rollers Linear bearing type RNG with rollers Linear bearing type R with balls Linear bearing type R with rollers Linear bearing type RD with balls Linear bearing type RD with rollers Linear bearing type N/O with needles Linear bearing type M/V with needles
Type RN
Type RNG
Type R
Type R
Type RD
Type RD
Type N/O
Type M/V
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Loading capacity
Running characteristics
Anti cage creeping solution
Requirements on accuracy and rigidity
of the surrounding structure
Compactness of linear bearings
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  • 100%100% best choice
  • 75%75%
  • 50%50%
  • 25%25% good choice
  • 0%0%

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Linear bearings Type M/V
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