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Miniature guideway MINIRAIL and
Profiled linear guideway MONORAIL with rollers or balls

MINIRAIL miniature guideways for processing machines in microtechnology, such as in biotechnology, the semiconductor industry, nanotechnology and others. MONORAIL MR for the machine tool industry MONORAIL BM for various industrial applications

The extremely robust MINIRAIL miniature guideways for demanding applications prove themselves with their high level of friction movement, precision and reliability. High-precision MONORAIL MR profiled linear guideways with rollers and MONORAIL BM profiled linear guideways with balls are used worldwide in a vast array of applications in the machine tool industry, from simple handling tasks to difficult machining tasks

Miniature profiled guideway MINIRAIL Profiled guideway MONORAIL MR Profiled guideway MONORAIL BM
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Loading capacity
Running accuracy
Service lifetime
Running characteristics
Friction characteristics
Admissible speed
Installation and maintenance
Requirements on accuracy and rigidity of the surrounding structure
Integrated measuring system (optional available)
Integrated rack (optional available)
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  • 25%25% good choice
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The extremely robust MINIRAIL miniature guideways prove themselves with their high level of friction movement, precision and reliability. The styling, choice of materials and surface consistency of the ball recirculation and ball run-in ensure low pulsation and therefore, great smoothness. The highest process reliability at speeds up to 5 m/s and acceleration of 300 m/s² (30 g), interchangeable carriages, low risk of contamination thanks to the narrow gap between carriage and rail, high load-bearing capacity, low travel pulsation, and vacuum-compatibility up to 10-7 mbar. The product range includes eight rail widths which can be combined with up to four carriage sizes. High rigidity, great dynamic and static load carrying capacities, high running smoothness, and all-round seal of the carriage in the MONORAIL guideway - with rollers or with balls - ensure cost-effective, frictionless guideways while enhancing geometric accuracy and surface quality of the workpieces being processed. The high rigidity yields better vibration behavior with smaller vibration amplitudes and consequently longer tool service life.