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Owner and Chairman of the Board Hans-Martin Schneeberger in

a personal interview


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In the anniversary year 2023, the SCHNEEBERGER company celebrates its 100th anniversary. Fittingly, we have produced a new podcast for you in which we talk to owner and Chairman of the Board Hans-Martin Schneeberger.

Find out what the anniversary means to him personally, how to explain linear technology to children, and what sets the company apart from its competitors. Hans-Martin Schneeberger also gives an insight into the current changes in the economy and how the company is dealing with them: "The economy all over the world is experiencing more changes right now than I have ever seen before. We have always talked about the fact that we live in a world of permanent change. Currently, however, we are living through a tsunami."

Listen to the full podcast and celebrate 100 years of SCHNEEBERGER with us Link.

We wish you a lot of fun.


In 2023, the SCHNEEBERGER Group will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company's history. This marks a historic milestone that is able to be commemorated thanks to the continuous development of the company and the know-how of all its employees.

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