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From sharpener to linear bearing


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The SCHNEEBERGER Group is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year! On March 1, 1923, Walter Schneeberger-Grütter founded a mechanical workshop, developed and produced sharpening equipment for grinding knives and wood milling cutters. In 100 years, the small mechanical company has become a leading provider in the field of linear and profiled guideways thanks to an innovative entrepreneurial spirit, constant further development of the company and the know-how of all of its employees.

As an owner-managed company to this day, SCHNEEBERGER has always valued maximum precision, innovation and reliability. It made sense 75 years ago to continue the revolutionary development of linear bearings as an independent product line and to focus entirely on linear technology in the following years. With its 1400 employees, the SCHNEEBERGER Group is now a pioneer in this field and will continue to develop solutions passionately and act as an expert partner for its customers – ESSENTIALS FOR THE BEST.

We are proud and grateful and will be celebrating the 100th anniversary throughout the year with various activities for employees and customers.


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