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SCHNEEBERGER absolute measuring system (SAM)

All in one solution with Plug & Play functions


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The new SCHNEEBERGER absolute measuring system is another step into Industrial 4.0. Guiding & Measuring are integrated in one system solution in the Miniature guideway MINIRAIL. SAM is currently the smallest integrated absolute measuring system and has plug & play functions.

In addition, the scale is lasered directly onto the guide rail and thus the integrated SAM measuring system can be used in a space-saving manner. With >2 µm (3-sigma), SAM is extremely accurate in terms of position and reliably secures the measuring process.

Smart Plug Connection For FPC’s 

Customized For Your Need

Scale Lasered On Guide Rail

Smallest Integrated Absolut Sensor


In 2023, the SCHNEEBERGER Group will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company's history. This marks a historic milestone that is able to be commemorated thanks to the continuous development of the company and the know-how of all its employees.

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