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SCHNEEBERGER MINIRAIL in Laser Interferometer

Customer requirements

A leading manufacturer of Laser Interferometer systems for measurement applications in the Medical and Semiconductor industries was looking for a very high quality linear guide way system; additionally they were looking at overall cost reduction mainly in the assembly process.


After serious evaluation the customer decided on SCHNEEBERGER MINIRAIL products. These would best meet the customer’s requirements for stiffness and smoothness of travel. 

Customer advantages: 

By using the Schneeberger MINIRAIL guide way solution the customer saw improvements in the accuracy of their systems. They have also been able to reduce system assembly time and therefore realise cost savings.


  • MINI-X - Product catalog MINI-X - Product catalog MINIRAIL miniature profiled linear guideway / MINISCALE PLUS integrated linear measuring system / MINISLIDE micro-frictionless table5 MB

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