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お客様は部品をわずかな力で繊細にかつ、正確で修正動作のない動きを行う必要があるときは、シュネーベルガーのローラー型リニアガイドを使用します。 このような使用例は、次の3つの業界で見られます。





Semiconductor and electronics

SCHNEEBERGER products such as linear guides (guide rails), miniature guides, slides and mineral casting have proven their value in this sector, as have our complete assemblies, with axles driven by ballscrews and linear motors. These complete systems are produced according to customers’ specifications, on the basis of our proven engineering expertise.

Our semiconductor industry case study illustrates how we have developed a single application to meet many different customer requirements.

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Solar power

Our solar-power customers, who work in applications such as the laser structuring of photo-voltaic cells, need extremely accurately constructed linear guide axles, which we normally drive using linear motors.

Our solar power industry case study illustrates how our application, which incorporates various SCHNEEBERGER products, works in practice.

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