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Highly-Sophisticated Machine Components for Energy Technology

A.MANNESMANN for the energy industry

Overview of the Industrial Applications of A.MANNESMANN Products

The precision machine components from A.MANNESMANN are used in many industrial applications, which are extremely different as regards their requirements. Our products have been used in established application areas for many years. New application areas and industries are continuously being added, which use the highly-accurate components from our company to realize new production technologies.

Our workpieces and assemblies are consistently used in a variety of systems and machines that are used for a wide range of manufacturing methods. They therefore frequently form the heart of machines that are used to produce products that are covered by customers. They do this while meeting high requirements for accuracy.

A.MANNESMANN Products in the Energy Industry

The world stands still without energy. That is why the most varied of energy is used to keep the economy and people in motion. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas and even nuclear energy sources are increasingly being displaced by renewable energy gained from wind, sun, water, geothermal energy and biomass. This is also changing and expanding the requirements for A.MANNESMANN products, which have already been used in energy technology for decades.

A.MANNESMANN in Wind Power Stations

The gearboxes of wind power stations are located between the wind rotor and the generator at great heights. They transfer and regulate the torque transmission. A.MANNESMANN ball screws or boring spindles are often used in the production of wind turbine gearbox housing and the high-strength gear wheels built in them.

A.MANNESMANN for Turbines in Gas-Fired Power Stations

The heart of every gas-fired power station is made up of turbines that work as continuous-flow machine. Their turbine blades rotate at maximum revolutions and convert the rapidly flowing gas into electric energy. In order to achieve the most irrotational flow of the turbine blades as possible, these must have the highest possible geometric precision and surface quality. They are highly safety-related components. This is why A.MANNESMANN ball screws are frequently installed in the grinding machines that process them. We also produce the turbine shafts that pass on the usable power to the generator.

A.MANNESMANN in Liquefied Gas Production

In order to make it possible to transport gas without a pipeline, it is liquefied by compression so it can be stored in pressure tanks. These liquefied gases include propane gas bottles for domestic grills, camping gas cartridges, but also liquefied gas for containers that are supplied in tanker trucks for heating purposes. Extreme pressures are used in the systems for the liquefaction of gaseous substances. Piston rods from A.MANNESMANN take care of this work as a sophisticated safety part.

Examples of A.MANNESMANN Products in the Energy Industry

  • Machine parts for turbine rotors
  • Turbine shafts
  • Pump shafts
  • Control rods
  • Control shafts
  • Piston rods
  • Boring spindles
  • Trapezoidal screws with nuts
  • Buttress thread spindles with nuts
  • Ball screws

Examples of Application Areas of A.MANNESMANN Products in the Energy Industry

  • Turbine construction
  • Pump construction
  • Reactor construction
  • Heat exchanger construction
  • Large diesel engine manufacturers

Standards, Special Designs and Custom Production

A.MANNESMANN produces and delivers in standard designs or custom depending on the product. Look at the detailed information for our products or contact us directly. Of course we also produce a wide range of machine components individually according to your customer specification as individual parts, small series or series. We will be happy to provide you with information about our production options. Please let us know about your request or send us your inquiry.

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