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In our podcast, we talk to users or customers of SCHNEEBERGER AG Linear Technology about their specific solutions.

If you would like to know more about linear technology and the wide range of possible applications, or how you would like to take the automation and positioning of your systems to a new level, why not subscribe to our podcast?

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Welcome to the new Schneeberger Group podcast episode. On the occasion of the company's 100th anniversary, we are talking with Daniel Costa, Sales Director at SCHNEEBERGER Lineartechnik AG, about the integrated displacement encoder MINISCALE PLUS, as well as the so-called "SAM” (SCHNEEBERGER absolute measuring system). Linear technology can be thought of as nimble hands that perform certain tasks with lightning speed and extreme precision. Displacement encoder systems are more or less like a "real-time navigator" in the machine. Daniel Costa explains the following questions: Where are they used in linear technology? What exactly is their task there? What exactly do miniature guides look like? Why and where exactly does the industry needs miniature guides in particular - in addition with an integrated measuring system, i.e. the "MINISCALE PLUS"? In which applications do customers want a space-saving and quickly mountable displacement measuring system that is close to the machining process? What is the advantage of the bearing on balls? What are the main differences between the integrated measuring system "MINISCALE PLUS" compared to other ones?
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Podcast with Alexandra Kirchhoff on the new SCHNEEBERGER E-SHOP

Welcome to the new Schneeberger Group podcast episode. On the occasion of the company's 100th anniversary, we are talking today with Alexandra Kirchhoff, sales and marketing specialist at SCHNEEBERGER Lineartechnik AG, who created the modern SCHNEEBERGER E-SHOP. During the studio recording on-site in Roggwil, we already sensed the great joy and motivation with which Ms. Kirchhoff talks about the E-SHOP and working for the Schneeberger Group. We naturally wanted to know where her heart beats faster at the SCHNEEBERGER E-SHOP, which products are most sought after or ordered, and how the complex system with over 2000 products, located in 75339 Höfen an der Enz, Germany, is managed.
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Podcast with owner & chairman of the board Hans-Martin Schneeberger

Welcome to the new podcast of Schneeberger group. This time for the anniversary year, because the company will be 100 years old in 2023. On the occasion of the company's 100th anniversary, we talk today with the owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hans-Martin Schneeberger, about the challenges of the current times. His grandfather founded the company in 1923 as a machine workshop during the crisis and faced the adversities of his time. In a personal interview, Hans-Martin Schneeberger explains how the company today manages to maintain its position and stay at the top in an environment of crises and tough competition, but also how he and the company became even stronger and more successful through failures. Other topics include succession planning and responsibility, as well as the will to persevere and the courage to change, because modern changes such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other challenges require courageous progress coupled with responsible entrepreneurial spirit. How he and the approximately 1400 employees worldwide are celebrating the company's 100th anniversary with their customers and what he is looking forward to is another point of discussion. Hans-Martin Schneeberger was President of the European Association for Machine Tools and Manufacturing Industries, Cecimo, 2020-2021.
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Linear technology drives - at swissQprint AG

Linear technology is therefore often used in automation, production, machine tools or industrial machines, medical technology, measurement technology and many other industries that require very fast, compact and at the same time extremely precise positioning. For example, this can be for a gantry robot arm, a placement machine for electronic components or also for micrometre-precise print head positioning in modern high-tech printers. Today we are with a company that produces precisely such high-tech or large-format flatbed printers for the graphics industry worldwide: The company swissQprint AG in Kriessern, Canton St. Gallen. We talk to Maximilian Braun, Project Coordinator Technology at swissQprint AG and Daniel Costa, Area Sales Manager Eastern Switzerland, Liechtenstein & Ticino at SCHNEEBERGER AG Lineartechnik.
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