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Linear guidance with long stroke

Regardless of the area in which the linear guideways are used, they form the basic foundation for your project.

Linear bearings with rollers – MONORAIL MR

High rigidity, great dynamic and static load carrying capacity, outstanding running smoothness and the total enclosure of the carriage are the main features of the MONORAIL MR guideway.

Linear bearings with balls – MINIRAIL and MONORAIL BM

The MINIRAIL precision miniature profiled linear guideway is particularly suitable for industrial and laboratory automation. BM ball guideways are reliable components for the entire range of industrial applications. In applications such as machines for foodstuffs, medical technology and cleanrooms, or vacuum applications, MONORAIL BM WR/SR products ensure that the operation of linear axes is clean, accurate, long-term, and free of problems.

Linear bearing with integrated rack and pinion drive – MONORAIL BZ

MONORAIL BZ systems from SCHNEEBERGER are high-precision linear bearing systems with integral rack drive, based on the company's proven MONORAIL BM profile guideways with balls. The benefits resulting from the integration of a profile guideway and an extremely precise rack drive are especially used in the handling and automation industries, in laser and waterjet cutting tools as well as in woodworking machines.

Linear bearing with integrated measuring system

The products MONORAIL AMSD 4B, AMSA 4B, AMSD 3B, AMSA 3B and AMSA 3L are integrated magneto-resistive linear measuring systems with rollers or balls, which are available in an analog or digital version.

The MONORAIL AMSABS product is also an integrated magneto-resistive measuring system. The AMSABS 3B is based on a roller profiled linear guideway and the AMSABS 4B on a ball profiled linear guideway. The MONORAIL AMSABS 3L product is an integrated measuring system for absolute distance measurement system.

The MSQscale is an optical, incremental measuring system made up of the MINISLIDE MSQ guide system and additional components. The MINISCALE PLUS distance measuring system is based on the MINIRAIL miniature guideway and was developed for high speeds and accelerations in the work process.