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Many thanks for your interest in SCHNEEBERGER products. It will be a pleasure to contact you in order to discuss more about your needs and our proposed solutions. Please send us your request and we will get back to you.

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Independent if it is for a dental, an optical, a life science or any other application, if you are confronted to a demanding motion solution, we will develop for you the best possible (technical and financial) solution that fits perfectly to your application.

Your key benefits are:

  • A tailor made solution for your specific challenge 
  • A fast and flexible development 
  • A fast and reliable supply 
  • A guarantee of quality that is constant and highly profitable 
  • A competent non-bureaucratic support

Challenge us with your specific demands

  • Configuration: any imaginable
  • Travel: from mm to meters
  • Accuracy: level of a few µm
  • Repeatability: 10 times lower than accuracy
  • Stability: down to nanometres
  • Move & Settle: ms for mm
  • Straightness: level of a few µm over meters
  • Flatness: level of a few µm over meters

    Our configurable single linear axis series P3 will offer you a wide range of possible applications without any need to spend time and efforts in a deep product specification and development. Use all the advantages of high performances of the shelf product designed and manufactured by SCHNEEBERGER.

    The P3 series in keywords:

    • 3 standard travels, other lengths on demand
    • Configurable with 3 different feedback/encoder resolutions
    • Built on SCHNEEBERGER Monorail that offers highest stiffness at smoothest run.
    • High load capacity

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    Our customers' requirements:
    Reliable and precise products.

    Our solution:
    tailored systems, from single axes with integral control units through to highly complex machines.

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