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Industry: Medical technology

Revolutionize Healthcare: Motion Control Solutions for the Medical Industry

Unlock New Potentials

At the forefront of medical innovation lies the critical synergy between precision and customization.  As pioneers in the field of motion control solutions, we at SCHNEEBERGER are thrilled to unveil our tailored offerings designed specifically for the intricate needs of the medical industry. From biomedical 3D printing to surgical robots, seamless motion is vital for delicate procedures amidst the challenges of sterile environments and mechanical reliability.

Featured Products:

Medical technology
consistently accurate and reliable
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Medical technology
Cross Roller Bearings
Exceptionally precise, rigid, and compact Superior load capacity
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Medical technology
Miniature guideways MINIRAIL
compact, precise and maintenance free for maximum productivity
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Medical technology
Ready-to-install, plug-and-play solution
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Medical technology
Linear guideways – MONORAIL MR
The basic foundation for your project
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Medical technology
Linear guideways – MONORAIL BM
High rigidity and high load-bearing capacities
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Medical technology
Mineral Casting
Vibration-Free Precision with Environmental Responsibility
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Medical technology
Custom Solutions: Tailored to your needs, optimized for performance
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Why Customization Matters:

Designing and manufacturing medical equipment demands more than off-the-shelf solutions. Linear motion components play a pivotal role, and customization ensures that your equipment meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

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We offer our customers customized system solutions for medical devices and protecting people's lives.

Precision, reliability, special designs, miniaturization, integrated measuring systems and application-oriented positioning systems make us a suitable supplier for these application fields.  

Customer benefits

  •     Maximum reliability
  •     Guiding and measuring in the smallest spaces
  •     Drive systems with superior dynamics and precision

SCHNEEBERGER offers high-precision linear technology for applications in medical technology and bioengineering. 

Our focus is on: 

  •     Dental medicine.
  •     Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  •     Computer tomography (CT)
  •     Surgical microscopes
  •     Scanner systems
  •     Liquid handling
  •     DNA plate reader
  •     3D printing
  •     Cell analysis systems