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SCHNEEBERGER Linear bearings and miniature guideways in the Semi-conductor industry

Customer requirements

There is an ongoing tendency in minimizing in the semiconductor and electronic industry. Consequences are very demanding highly accurate positioning axis in the sub-micron range for the supplier of such complete production and metrology systems. In the same time, because of competitions, cost factors became more and more important. One of our customers is a leading supplier of laser metrology systems in the semiconductor industry.


Standard linear bearing has been replaced by SCHNEEBERGER high quality MINIRAIL.

Customer advantages

There is not anymore an individual preloading process of all the axis and therefore a stable preload value and stable accuracy. At the same time the assembly time and costs of the stages could have been reduced. 

A.MANNESMANN for Computer Chips / Wafers

Silicon crystals form the basis for all computer chips / semiconductors in the wide range of application areas, such as smartphones, car electronics or in all computers. For this purpose, special machines in clean room conditions are used to create silicon crystals. A.MANNESMANN crystal shafts are used in this process to achieve the most uniform crystal formation.

Article/Example of application

Branche_Halbleiter.pdf Automated assembly systems with high positional accuracies guarantee the vibration free running of SCHNEEBERGER MINIRAIL.Download now
2014_PR_Bericht_Minirail_TR_09_14.pdf With a high-precision, compact servo press for loading watch movement plates, SCHNEEBERGER MINIRAIL miniature guideways ensure high precision, ease of movement and strength.Download now
The secret of linear technolgy
The secret of linear technolgy From standard components to complete systems, SCHNEEBERGER offers a unique spectrum of products and services. And we do it all for our customers’ benefit.Download now
Linear technology combined with integrated measuring system and mineral casting
Linear technology combined with integrated measuring system and mineral casting Combining linear technology with mineral casting offers unbeatable customer benefits.Download now

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