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SCHNEEBERGER linear bearings and recirculating units

SCHNEEBERGER linear bearings and recirculating units

Unlimited stroke with SCHNEEBERGER type R and RD linear bearings? No problem with the specially designed recirculating units. They can be combined with the linear bearings with the usual precision.

Advantages and customer benefits
SCHNEEBERGER recirculating units allow long strokes with consistent, high accuracy for applications in a normal working environment, a cleanroom or a vacuum. Suitable sizes and versions for small to heavy loads and the possibility of evening out minor angular errors enable a wide range of applications. Add to this the usual compact, space-saving and robust designs. This briefly summarizes the main advantages and benefits of SCHNEEBERGER recirculating units for our customers.

Unlimited stroke
SCHNEEBERGER recirculating units with balls or rollers support high-precision, rigid, and compact designs with an unlimited stroke. In addition, the standard comes in combination with SCHNEEBERGER type R and RD linear bearings. The components consist of hardened tool steel, aluminum transmission parts as well as plastic wipers and damping elements (from size 6 on request). Recirculating units are also available in corrosion-resistant versions on request.

Balls or rollers
SCHNEEBERGER recirculating units are available in sizes 1-12 and come in various lengths. Types SK and SKD ball recirculating units (with damping elements from size 6) are suitable for small to medium loads. For medium to high loads, the right choice is the type SR recirculating unit with crosswise rollers. The type SKC recirculating unit with ceramic and Teflon balls is suitable for use in vacuum and cleanroom applications, as well as for dry runs.

Heavy loads
The type NRT is a roller recirculating unit for medium to heavy loads. Thanks to two independent tracks, optimized roller geometry, and with very little play in the rollers, there is minimal lateral force. Together with suitable linear bearings, practical solutions can be implemented. SCHNEEBERGER also offers the NRV type preload wedge with concave and convex supporting surfaces. This model is also perfect for managing minor angular errors and deformations in the base structures.