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MONORAIL MR Profiled linear roller guideways

Roller guideway for the machine tool industry

The very precise MONORAIL profiled guideways are used worldwide in many machine tool applications. A widespread product program is covering the requirements from small manipulators till heavy chipping processes.

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MONORAIL MR Profiled linear roller 
MONORAIL MR Profiled linear roller guideways

High rigidity, great dynamic and static load carrying capacity, outstanding running smoothness and the total enclosure of the carriage are the main features of the MONORAIL guideway. These properties result in higher machining rates while enhancing geometrical accuracy and surface quality of the machined workpieces. Our highly rigid MONORAIL provides improved vibration behavior, smaller vibration amplitudes and thus extends tool life.

SCHNEEBERGER has systematically applied its many years of experience in the design, production and use of roller-type anti-friction guideways in the development of the MONORAIL. Consequently the MONORAIL MR is a cost-effective anti-friction guideway which meets the challenge presented by modern machine design.

New Profiled Guideways shine through «4S»

New Profiled Guideways shine through 4 «S»
New Profiled Guideways shine through 4 «S»

MONORAIL MR 4S – next carriage generation

4 reasons to love the new SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL MR 4S series: An optimized lubrication system, ease of maintenance, shock resistant, and dirt repellent

  • Serviceability – compatibility, exchange of cross wipers
  • Supply of lubricant – pressure-tight lubrication channels
  • Shock resistance – body optimized for rigidity
  • Sturdiness – robust and well-secured front plates

More information:

Link to press release


NEW TYPE 65 P for high load capacity

MR W 65 Rigidity diagram
MR W 65 Rigidity diagram

Existing types of carriages size 65: A, B, C & D

NEW type of carriages is 65 P

Buildsizes: standard

Carriage build forms: extra long



MR W 30 Rigidity diagram
MR W 30 Rigidity diagram

Existing sizes of carriages: 25, 35, 45, 55, 65 & 100

NEW size of carriages is 30

Product overview of MONORAIL carriages with rollers

Product overview MR rails

through hardened
with tapped
holes at the
with tapped
holes, through
for cover
for cover strip,

Buildsizes / Rail build forms

Size 25MR S 25-NMR S 25-NDMR S 25-NU MR S 25-CMR S 25-CD
Size 30MR S 30-N MR S 30-NU   
Size 35MR S 35-NMR S 35-NDMR S 35-NUMR S 35-NUDMR S 35-C 
Size 45MR S 45-NMR S 45-NDMR S 45-NU MR S 45-C 
Size 55MR S 55-N MR S 55-NU MR S 55-C 
Size 65MR S 65 N MR S 65-NU MR S 65-C 
Size 100MR S 100 N     


Screwable from abovenullnull  nullnull
Screwable from below  nullnull  
Small assembly effort  nullnullnullnull
Great single-part system lengthnull null null 
Usable for bombardment with metal chips   null  
For the support of metal covers null null  



Significant customer benefits of MONORAIL: simple, versatile lubricating options and guide rails up to 6 meters in length – reduced number of butt joints and resulting installation costs.


Article/Example of application

  • No compromises with choice of the delivery support No compromises with choice of the delivery support SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL profiled linear guideways bring high levels of flexibility for indexable insert grinding machines.
  • High-performance profiled guideways High-performance profiled guideways When the heaviest loads in milling, turning, drilling or grinding machines need to be moved in an accurate manner, reliable linear bearings are one of the elements required for this. Schneeberger has the right solution in the form of its MONORAIL MR series, which is intended for various types of application and weight class. As such, workpieces weighing up to 150 tons can be moved in an extremely precise manner.

Press releases

Service Life Calculation for SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL Guideways

Calculation exclusively for horizontal configuration of an axle with 2 rails and 4 carriages. The coordinate origin is in the centre between the carriages at rail screw-on Level.

Service Life Calculation

CAD data for type MR (with rollers) for download:

The selected size can be configured and is available in all common data formats Please click on the appropriate size combination to start downloading. 

Open CAD data
Open Productfinder


  • Four different accuracy classes
  • Three different preload classes
  • Special set processing through system grinding and paired rails supporting high accurate machines
  • Carriage and rail types for attachment from above and from below
  • Single piece rail length up to 6 m
  • Final dry grinding process of carriage mechanical interface, no change of preload during assembly and operation
  • Superior rail straightness as a result of advanced grinding and straightening technology
  • Wide scope of accessoires and options
  • Different coatings for corrosion protection
  • Through-hardened carriages for long-lasting product properties, no loss of preload for constant machine execution
  • Optimized path geometries for rollers and transitions for quiet, smooth operation
  • Low drag wipers to protect rollers against the environment-corrosion resistance with specially thin dense chrome-plating optional
  • Stainless steel cover-strip
  • Various hole plug options for long lifespan of wipers


  • O-geometry
  • Through-hardened carriages
  • Complete sealing
  • Lubrication connections
  • Exchangeability
  • Running smoothness
  • Rigidity
  • Load carrying capacity


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