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Frictionless tables with roller- or ball cages

The frictionless roller tables of type NK and NKL as well as the linear table type NE are each available in the version with roller or ball cages

Type NK frictionless tables
Type NK frictionless tables are suitable for multiple applications with a large selection of dimensions. Available in a single-axis design, in five sizes, manufactured in steel or cast iron, depending on size. By equipping the tables with Type AC roller cages and Type GB end fittings, these roller tables can also be used for horizontal and vertical installation.

The frictionless roller table type NKL
The frictionless roller table type NKL has a lower weight compared to type NK because its main parts are made of aluminum and is therefore quite a lightweight version. Ball or roller cages as well as a version with FORMULA-S are available as special versions.

The NE linear table
The narrow gap between the top and bottom part of the NE lineartable prevents dirt penetration. All sizes of this closed design lineartable version are equipped with Type R longitudinal guideways and can be used for all directions of movement.