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MINISLIDE MSQ micro frictionless tables - highest rigidity and load capacities (balls)

The materials used make them suitable for a variety of applications. This also includes at high temperatures or in an ultra-high vacuum

High process reliability thanks to cage control. The gear rack and pinion are integrated directly into the carriage and guideway. The cage and pinion are made from high-quality plastic.

The last word in productivity

MINISLIDE embodies the newest generation of miniature slides for extremely demanding applications. They are highly robust and reliable in every application due to their smooth performance, precision and long service lifetime.


MSQ – highest process stability due to elimination of cage creeping

The models MSQ 7, MSQ 9, MSQ 12 and MSQ 15 are equipped with a highly developed and robust cage assist system. This eliminates cage-creep. The toothing system of the cage assist system is incorporated directly into the carriage and rail.

Cage and pinion are made of high-quality plastic. This compact and robust design, with a minimum number of integral components, ensures high reliability under all running condition.

Benefits of the integrated cage assist system

  • No need for re-centering of the cage in applications with vertical installation, high accelerations or with uneven load distribution
  • Neither the tolerances of the surrounding construction nor temperature differences lead to cage creep
  • Reduced cycle times due to higher speed and acceleration
  • Adjustment-free operation and therefore, more productive time
  • High operational life

Benefits of the gothic arch profile

  • High load-carrying capacity in a compact design
  • Maximum rigidity
  • Low sensitivity to impacts
  • Excellent damping behaviour
  • Robust
  • Low weight


SCHNEEBERGER micro frictionless tables - limited quantity, easy ordering, quick delivery

Micro frictionless tables

Miniaturized frictionless tables are suitable for extremely demanding applications, even at high temperatures and in a vacuum

Type MSType NDType NDN
Loading capacity
Running characteristics
Anti cage creeping option
Light weigth design
Corrosion resistant
  • Legend:
  • 100%100% best choice
  • 75%75%
  • 50%50%
  • 25%25% good choice
  • 0%0%


MINI-X - Product catalog
MINI-X - Product catalog MINIRAIL miniature profiled linear guideway / MINISCALE PLUS integrated linear measuring system / MINISLIDE micro-frictionless tableDownload now


MINISLIDE micro-frictionless table. The newest generation of micro-frictionless tables for application in high-tech fields.

SCHNEEBERGER overview linear bearings and positioning systems

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MINISLIDE micro frictionless tables
MINISLIDE micro frictionless tables Compact and precise for maximum productivity. Where maximum precision and processing reliability are required in minimal space, the MINISLIDE miniature tables offer outstanding solutions. Download now

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