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MONORAIL MR - Stable processes always assured

MONORAIL MR - Stable processes always assured

MONORAIL MR 4x roller-guided profiled linear guideways are synonymous with maximum quality and guaranteed functionality. Outstanding degrees of rail straightness, accurate machining and high mechanical load capacity distinguish MONORAIL MR profiled guideways as an efficient, extremely robust quality solution for demanding applications requiring the most stringent demands for accuracy, such as for tooling machines. The product portfolio is comprised of 23 different combinations of rail size and shape as well as 33 different carriage configurations, offering the greatest possible design flexibility. MONORAIL MR can optionally be equipped with a tried-and-tested, integrated distance measuring system, thus contributing significantly to the total cost of ownership (TCO).

With experience gained from installing thousands of guideways in the field, we have given MONORAIL MR 4S carriages a comprehensive design upgrade and further improved the following four product features.

  • Serviceability (compatibility, cross wiper replacements)
  • Supply of lubricant (pressure-tight lubrication channels)
  • Shock resistance (body optimized for rigidity)
  • Sturdiness (durable front plate, stable attachment of front plates)

The so-called second-generation M4S trolley is downward compatible. Guideways installed in the field can therefore be upgraded to the latest technology at any time.

MONORAIL MR profiled guideways are designed for speeds of up to 3 m/s and can be accelerated by up to 50 m/s2. The carriage and rail bodies are made from high-grade hardened steel. Specially shaped rollers are used as rolling elements. The end result is a system with high static and dynamic load carrying capacity together with long service life.