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配有 NH 型滚子的定位台 和 NFM





定位型号 NH
定位型号 NH

NH 型单轴定位滑台配有 SCHNEEBERGER R2-RF 型纵向导轨。通过千分尺手动调整行程,顶部通过顶在千分尺上的弹簧来固定到位。千分尺的读数精度为 0.01 毫米。NH 型定位滑台包含方形顶部和底部。这样,可轻松组装为双轴滑台。滑台部件用铝制成。NH 型可水平和垂直设置。

Positioning table type NFM
Positioning table type NFM

Single axis manual driven stages with SCHNEEBERGER MINIRAIL – guideways. Manual positioning by a precision lead-screw, with anti- backlash nut and raduated drum, that can be set to zero position. Reading accuracy 0.01mm, strokes from 25mm to 150mm.
NFM is a modular system with options for table base and top plate lengths, to give strokes between 25 and 150mm. Table parts made in aluminium anodised, 
MINIRAIL linear guideways and lead screw in corrosion resistant steel. Stage can be integrated in any plane.
Special sizes and/or special attaching holes available on request. Optional clamping device on the side or directly on the lead screw (L dimension increased 
by 7mm). The clamping device can be mounted on either side of the stage (Size 7 without hand crank).


Slides and positioning tables - Product catalog
Slides and positioning tables - Product catalog Positioning Tables NFM, NH2 - AL Slides NE - AL现在下载

SCHNEEBERGER overview linear bearings and positioning systems

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