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Business units

Our strategic blend of manufacturing skill and applications expertise, makes us the ideal partner. With our team of committed, customer-oriented and highly qualified employees, we have become world leaders in our field.


The guideways and recirculating units are made of corrosion-resistant, hardened steel. They are suitable for numerous applications. High acceleration and/or extreme load values are involved. High vacuums also no problems.

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Thanks to its high-performance positioning and motion systems, SCHNEEBERGER is one of the leaders in the motion industry today.  

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Profiled guideways MONORAIL

When the heaviest loads in milling, turning, drilling or grinding machines need to be moved in an accurate manner, reliable profiled linear bearings are one of the elements required for this. 

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Measuring systems

SCHNEEBERGER offers cost-optimised solutions in the form of its Integrated measuring system for distance measurement, which can be used for a wide range of applications.

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SCHNEEBERGER Mineral casting

Mineral casting is the ideal material for use in any supporting structures and foundation structures where dynamic and highly precise movements are required.

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Customized bearings

Linear bearings are available in various sizes and performance categories. Available as standard- and customized bearings.

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Profiled guideways MINIRAIL

The innovative, long-term lubricant LUBE‑S provides MINIRAIL carriages 20,000 maintenance-free kilometers!

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