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Slides and miniature tables

Highest accuracy and reliability

Linear bearings and micro frictionless tables
All linear and micro frictionless tables are delivered ready for installation, pre-lubricated and pre-loaded without play. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the smallest MS4 micro frictionless tables are the right choice in terms of space and flow, or an NK linear table for high loads with great rigidity. The principle also applies here: Ball cages move more quietly, and roller cages offer greater rigidity. The MSQ series as well as tables with inserted linear guides, which are combined with FORMULA-S can deal with the utmost accelerations and linear movements in all positions in a reliable way, without any cage creep.

If the standard does not fit, we are the right partner to work with you to find the solution: we can find the right hole pattern, the optimum lubrication for your application, a defined sliding force window or even height pairing for several tables.