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MONORAIL BZ profiled linear guideway with integrated rack drive

MONORAIL BZ profiled linear guideway with integrated rack drive

MONORAIL BZ is a compact, integrated assembly consisting of a 4-way ball guided profile rail guideway and a rack and pinion drive system. The combination of "guiding" and "drive" in one product offers the user the following advantages.

  • The individual characteristic features of the two individual components are completely maintained.
  • One-piece assembly lengths up to 6000 mm.
  • The guideway component provides the best running properties, a high load-bearing capacity and service life in conjunction with a large number of carriage types, executions and accessories.
  • The hardened and ground gearing of the drive component represents the highest quality and accuracy. Matching pinions are also available.
  • The design effort is minimized compared to individual components, as the guideway, rack and pinion are already perfectly matched to each other.
  • Compared to individual components, the required installation space is significantly smaller. This enables performance-optimized designs.

The product is delivered pre-assembled and ready to install. The installation time and engineering expense of individual components are significantly reduced, and alignment and measurement are completely eliminated and thus make a major contribution to total cost of ownership (TCO).

The burden on the supply chain is alleviated by the fact that instead of 2-3 individual components from possibly 2-3 different suppliers, only one item number from one supplier has to be created / managed, ordered and stored.