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Download SCHNEEBERGER CAD products and blend in computer-generated information to overlay on top of your application.

SCHNEEBERGER implements augmented reality (AR) technology to raise the digital bar. A new AR feature in the CAD configurator connects the digital realm with real-world visual information. It enables users to place products into a machine or piece of equipment before the actual installation takes place. They can use a smartphone app to realistically visualize the specific situation. In this manner, maintenance specialists and service technicians can find the required linear guide more quickly in person and on-site so they can then configure and check the installation space and positioning.

Augmenting the real world with the digital world
SCHNEEBERGER is raising the bar in terms of the digitalization of its tools and connecting the digital world with the real one. Design engineers have been using CAD data to design and visualize SCHNEEBERGER products in a CAD system for some time, which has been a straightforward virtual pursuit. Now it is possible for maintenance specialists and service technicians to take a picture of a machine on-site using their smartphone or tablet computer and then directly overlay a 3D CAD model, which they have already configured themselves, on top of the real-world application. This makes it possible to check the “troublemaker” on-site and determine whether the selected and configured product will fit. The AR feature saves a fair amount of time, for example, if the documentation for older machines is no longer available and a technician is searching for spare parts.