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FORMULA-S always brings your guideway into the right position

FORMULA-S always brings your guideway into the right position

Cage creep can become a problem in linear bearings when strokes need to be repeated frequently during the handling process. The SCHNEEBERGER FORMULA-S is the solution for this. The cage controls for the RN and the RNG guideways ensure trouble-free operation and a long service life, which means they are highly cost-effective, as well.

Customer benefits
FORMULA-S, SCHNEEBERGER's cage control system, works in any installation orientation, regardless of the preload of the guideway. The outstanding features of the cage control include trouble-free operation, high acceleration, and no readjustment of the cage. Furthermore, the shape and position tolerances of the surrounding structure or temperature differences do not lead to cage creep. The guideway therefore always runs in a uniform manner and fulfills all requirements related to productivity and cost-effectiveness. This also means a long service life is guaranteed.

Efficiency and accuracy
Both reliability during the handling process and accurate procedures are highly important for complex, automated test systems, such as those used in laboratory applications for the diagnosis of autoimmune or infectious diseases or for performing genetic analyses. Avoiding corrective strokes in the linear bearings used increases efficiency and accuracy. With its well-thought out design, with gear racks on the guideways and a pinion running in the cage, the FORMULA-S works with SCHNEEBERGER's typical reliability.

No cage creep
On every linear guideway, the cage is free to move along the longitudinal axis from the center. This so-called "cage creep" can significantly impair the effectiveness of an application. On the one hand, as a result of the displaced cage, the optimal load distribution is no longer guaranteed and, on the other hand, the cage must be centered again with a great deal of effort. This is exactly where FORMULA-S works because it holds the cage in the ideal position at all times.

FORMULA-S is produced for three different sizes in the RN series (3, 4 and 6), as well as for the RNG (4, 6 and 9). Regarding connecting structures, nothing more than the thickness of the clips holding the gear racks in position will have to be taken into account. With this exception, guideways with FORMULA-S are practically identical to guideways without forced control.