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Analog or digital / magneto resistiv with rollers or balls

The product variants AMSA and AMSD are available for the roller profile rail guideway MONORAIL MR or the ball profile rail guideway MONORAIL BM, depending on the version.

The latest development from Schneeberger in the field of integrated magneto-resistive measuring systems is the Monorail AMSA 3L, which is designed for building especially long axes based on the Monorail MR roller guideway.

The MONORAIL AMS 3B product is also based on the MONORAIL MR roller profiled linear guideway is available in analogue or digital versions. The AMSA 3B analog variant features a voltage interface of 1 Vss that connects to all conventional controllers and is the starting point for the AMSD 3B digital version. The profile rails are therefore identical and compatible with both variants.

For the ball profiled linear guideway MONORAIL BM, SCHNEEBERGER has developed the integrated magneto-resistive measuring system AMS 4B. In metrological terms, it corresponds to the AMS 3B and thus offers the same advantages in terms of assembly, cost savings, accuracy, and process reliability. AMS 4B products are preferably used when there are stringent requirements for the travel speed and the dynamic properties of the axes. The two existing AMSD 4B and AMSA 4B versions differ in that AMSD 4B has an incremental digital interface and the AMSA has an analogue voltage interface of 1 Vss for connection to all common controllers. The AMSA 4B is the starting point for the AMSD 4B