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Standard-toothed gear racks

Straight-toothed gear racks are available in standard industrial dimensions

Standard gear racks straight tooth system

Straight-toothed gear racks are available in standard industrial sizes from module 2 to module 12. The material, hardness, and accuracy determine the respective load.

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SCHNEEBERGER offers its customers unparalleled competance: Modern and flexible machinery, the highest quality standards

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  • Best quality Q4 (till Q11): individual adjacent pitch error fp = 3μm
  • cumulative pitch error fp = 15μm / 1000mm
  • Max. single-piece length: 3000mm
  • Very high flexibility due to longtime experience
  • Interested in OEM-business and single spare-parts
  • Extremly high precisions possible. A combination of two functions
  • Gear racks, which reliably meet the customer-specific requirements even under heavy loading.
  • Any modules up to 20m, in metric or inch divisions, in various grades of steel, including stainless steel, are available, depending on the application.


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Gear racks straigt tooth system
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