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Type ND micro frictionless table (rollers)

Meets highest accuracy requirements

Single-axis version made of steel is available in three sizes

Micro frictionless tables type ND
Micro frictionless tables type ND

Type ND micro frictionless tables are suitable for applications that demand high accuracies. They consist of equal length top and bottom parts, where the fully hardened bottom part is designed as a double prism. Type ND is available in three sizes as a single-axis version made of steel. All sizes are equipped with Type AC roller cages and can be used horizontally and vertically. The highest accuracies are achieved with lengths of 25 to 155 mm and strokes of 12 to 90 mm. A special version is available with Type AK ball cage for less dirt sensitivity and lower load carrying capacity.

Micro frictionless tables

Miniaturized frictionless tables are suitable for extremely demanding applications, even at high temperatures and in a vacuum

Type MSType NDType NDN
Loading capacity
Running characteristics
Anti cage creeping option
Light weigth design
Corrosion resistant
  • Legend:
  • 100%100% best choice
  • 75%75%
  • 50%50%
  • 25%25% good choice
  • 0%0%


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CAD data for type ND for download:

The selected size can be configured and is available in all common data formats Please click on the appropriate size combination to start downloading. 

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