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Highly-Sophisticated Machine Components for the Automotive Sector

A.MANNESMANN for the mechanical engineering of the automotive industry

Overview of the Industrial Applications of A.MANNESMANN Products

The precision machine components from A.MANNESMANN are used in many industrial applications, which are extremely different as regards their requirements. Our products have been used in established application areas for many years. New application areas and industries are continuously being added, which use the highly-accurate components from our company to realize new production technologies.

Our workpieces and assemblies are consistently used in a variety of systems and machines that are used for a wide range of manufacturing methods. They therefore frequently form the heart of machines that are used to produce products that are covered by customers. They do this while meeting high requirements for accuracy.

A.MANNESMANN in Engine Construction and the Automotive Industry

A.MANNESMANN is represented in many areas of automotive production. Engines / transmissions and their components, such as the crankcase, cylinder heads and intake systems, are manufactured in a tough 24-hour operation, 360 days a year. In addition to the extraordinary requirements for machine availability, precision in machining is required here. Machining centers provide this where our precision ball screws ensure a performance-oriented and always accurate feed. Safety-related parts, such as disc brakes, brake boosters and steering systems, are also manufactured using our ball screws.

A.MANNESMANN in Plastics Production for the Automotive Industry

Many parts in vehicles are now longer made of metal, but rather of high-tech plastics. They are tailored to specific applications and requirements, provided with special color pigments, have soft or hard surfaces or even have a strength that approaches the strength of steel. In addition, there is the plastic sheathing of the wiring harness, which can be up to several kilometers in total length in many vehicles. A.MANNESMANN workpieces are used in the manufacture and processing of these various plastics.

Most fuel tanks now are also made of plastic. The machines for this production often work with ball screws from our company. There are also large-sized rear and front parts that are also pressed in molds from special plastics and then are painted. A.MANNESMANN milling spindles and ball screws are equally used to produce these sophisticated molds.

Examples of A.MANNESMANN Products for Use in the Automotive Industry

Examples of Automotive Machines in which A.MANNESMANN Products are Used

  • Machining centers (MC) / production centers (combination of milling, drilling, turning, grinding)
  • Honing machines
  • Transfer lines
  • Gear cutting machines

Standards, Special Designs and Custom Production

A.MANNESMANN produces and delivers in standard designs or custom depending on the product. Look at the detailed information for our products or contact us directly. Of course we also produce a wide range of machine components individually according to your customer specification as individual parts, small series or series. We will be happy to provide you with information about our production options. Please let us know about your request or send us your inquiry.

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