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FORMULA-S always brings your guideway into the right position

We would be happy to introduce to you in a personal consultation the technical and economical advantages of our SCHNEEBERGER FORMULA-S.

In every linear guideway the cage can be shifted from the centre along the longitudinal axis. Cage creep reduces the optimal load distribution and requires a correct stroke to return the cage to a centered position. the correction stroke requires a large expense of energy.

The causes of cage creep

  • High accelerations and speeds
  • Vertical installation of the guideway
  • Uneven load distribution
  • Protruding cage
  • Different heat expansion coefficients
  • Design and installation (lacking rigidity and/or accuracy of the connecting structure)

The benefits and advantages of FORMULA-S

  • Perfect load distribution
  • Avoids correction strokes
  • No force required for cage reset
  • Accelerations up to 300 m/s2 (30 g)
  • Max speed 1 m/s
  • Easy to install and/or uninstall
  • Extended service life Vacuum-compatible up to 10-7 mbar



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