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A.MANNESMANN ball screws increase productivity

A.MANNESMANN ball screws increase productivity

A.MANNESMANN, a global manufacturer of high-performance ball screws, has been part of the SCHNEEBERGER Group since October 2017. More than 50 years ago, A.MANNESMANN was one of the first manufacturers in Europe to introduce the ball screw and innovate the product while continually sharing knowledge and experience with market-leading operators. The company has consistently met the increasing demands of the technology required to compete.

AM ball screws can be deployed over a variety of technical requirements. Traveling speeds ranging from virtually 0 m/min to 150 m/min, and accelerations of up to 20 m/sec² are easily achieved and A. MANNESAMANN ball screws are generally designed for an operating life of more than 20,000 hours! The constant torque, precise travel movements – even in reverse mode, along with positioning capability and repeatability are all standard features of AM ball screws.

A.MANNESMANN is your single source provider of quality, innovative and cost competitive products. We offer lengths of up to 15 meters, custom solutions for complete ready-to-install assemblies and we will be your partner from concept to design and beyond.