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A one stop solution - the SCHNEEBERGER ball screws completes our product portfolio

NEW ball screws from SCHNEEBERGER

The new SCHNEEBERGER ball screws impress with their precision and performance, to which above all the ground and hardened ball contact surfaces contribute. Thus, the SCHNEEBERGER ball screws are equally suitable for use at high and low speeds as well as oscillating short-stroke movements. This makes them particularly interesting for demanding applications in machine tools and measuring and testing technology.

    Your advantageAreas of application for ground ball screws
    • Spindle and nut are precision ground
    • Low idle torque
    • Price-performance optimized
    • Machine tools
    • Process machines
    • General mechanical engineering
    • Robotics and automation
    • Drive technology
    • Plastic injection molding machines
    • Measuring and testing technology


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    MONORAIL AMS - GUIDING & MEASURING as an integrated system solution

    When space constraints and performance are required for distance measurement, MONORAIL AMS is the answer. SCHNEEBERGER integrates a measuring head and scale onto its MONORAIL profiled linear guideways. In brief: Integrated AMS distance measuring systems from SCHNEEBERGER are machine-compatible with integrated distance measuring systems in ready-to-install quality, suitable for a wide range of applications in mechanical engineering and automation.

    The maximum one-piece profile rail length for all AMS distance measuring systems is 6 meters. For the analog systems, however, several MONORAIL guideways can be combined as required. Thanks to the special design of the rail joints, in combination with the AMSA 3L read head, joints can be traversed, and any lengths of measuring axes can be constructed.

    MONORAIL carriages are equipped as standard with twin-lipped cross wipers on the ends and top and bottom longitudinal wipers. Together with additional sealing of the gaps between the front plate and the steel body, these provide an exceptionally efficient sealing system. The ingress of dirt is therefore effectively prevented and lubrication losses are reduced to a minimum, which results in a significant increase in service life.

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    SCHNEEBERGER gear racks - Special is our standard!

    The standard length of a gear rack is usually 1000 mm. During assembly, these are installed one after the other. This inevitably leads to tolerances that are reflected in the form of a pitch error, which in turn leads to increased wear. With increasing axle length and the associated increasing number of gear racks to be installed, this error becomes even greater. Gear racks from SCHNEEBERGER, on the other hand, are available in lengths of up to 3000 mm (2000 mm for Q5). The main benefit is
    Fewer gear racks have to be installed per machine axis. This reduces installation time.
    By reducing the number of gear racks required, the pitch error is minimized, thus increasing the service life. 
    Furthermore, SCHNEEBERGER gear racks feature the option of any desired cross-section with different types of attachments, entirely according to the customer's requirements.

    The excellent performance – and technical superiority – of SCHNEEBERGER gear racks are due to careful manufacturing, the company's many years of experience and the constant search for additional possibilities for optimization.

    Potential applications vary widely. Whether linearly moving a machine tool gantry weighing several tons, positioning a laser cutting head at top speed or driving a jointed arm robot with maximum precision for welding operations – gear racks from SCHNEEBERGER ensure accuracy, dynamic motion and efficiency at all times.

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    The right mineral casting for every application

    Whether 80 grams light or 30 tons heavy: SCHNEEBERGER Mineralgusstechnik products offer unbeatable customer benefits. For many years, mineral casting, a "modern material", has represented an alternative to parts made from grey cast iron or steel and is nowadays the superior technology for a vast number of applications. Mineral casting has made new, innovative applications possible in electronics and in the medical devices sector. It is also the technology of the future - CO2 savings per ton of mineral casting are an incredible 1.4 tons of CO2 in comparison to grey cast iron/steel. This is testimony of our goals within our environmental agenda. SCHNEEBERGER Mineragusstechnik saved 15,000 tons of CO2 in 2018 – to the benefit of us all.

    SCHNEEBERGER Mineralgusstechnik is one of the world's leading manufacturers of mineral casting. It offers innovative and high-precision mineral casting solutions  while also making significant contributions to the "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO) of completely pre-assembled modules and assembly groups made to customer specification. From our two locations in Europe (Cheb, Czech Republic) and in China (Changzhou), we serve a wide variety of markets and industries worldwide.

    The latest alternative to conventional mineral casting is the UHPC-W material techcon® from SCHNEEBERGER Mineralgusstechnik. It also features cold curing, with a special cement mixture (instead of epoxy resins), but has similar physical properties at significantly lower costs compared to mineral casting. Excellent for “second line" products – exchange tooling, support, etc. Mechanical processing can be done to a similar extent as mineral casting.With techcon® from SCHNEEBERGER there is now an economical alternative in the area of mineral casting materials for certain applications such as prototypes or small series.

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    Linear bearings

    SCHNEEBERGER introduced the Type R cross-roller guideway and ball guideway as the first standardized linear frictionless guideways. These guideways and the further developments that have resulted from them continue to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. 

    SCHNEEBERGER offers a wide range of linear bearings in standard sizes that are ideally suited to many different applications. From robotics, machines and the semiconductor industry to laboratory applications, medical technology and many more. But even if standard dimensions do not fulfill your requirements, SCHNEEBERGER's specially adapted customized guideways make the company an ideal partner.

    The robust linear bearings are available in three quality classes for use under operating temperatures of -40 °C to +80 °C. Furthermore, RN and RNG guideways can be equipped with the FORMULA-S cage control in order to counteract cage creep. Similarly, it is possible to combine R and RD guideways with Type SK, SKD, SKC and SR recirculating units.

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    The E-SHOP world is yours - Discover our SCHNEEBERGER E-SHOP

    Easy product selection - fast delivery - secure order processing

    By entering the digital world, we enable our customers to obtain comprehensive information about our products. Via our SCHNEEBERGER E-SHOP you can view all technical information, prices and delivery dates at any time.

    Delivery only within Europe, Switzerland and Great Britain

    We supply our customers throughout Europe, Switzerland and Great Britain. Thanks to our Quick-Delivery Service, this takes place within a maximum of five days from our central warehouse.

    Not only do we value fast delivery, but we also focus on helping our customers get the product they want in the shortest possible time to support the sustainable growth and success of our customers.

    Your advantages

    • Delivery within 5 business days
    • Customizable product options
    • Payment via Credit card, direct debit SEPA, invoice, cash in advance

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    The following products can be ordered online and delivered from the warehouse

    Profile rail guideway with rollers – MONORAIL MR

    Profile rail guideway with rollers – MONORAIL MR

    • MONORAIL MR 25 – MR 35 up to 6000 mm in length
    • MONORAIL MR 45 – MR 65 up to 3000 mm in length

    High rigidity, great dynamic and static load carrying capacity, outstanding smoothness, and the total sealing of the carriage — these characteristics are the main features of the MONORAIL MR roller guideway. The high-precision MONORAIL profiled guideways with rollers are used worldwide in a wide range of applications in the machine tool industry.

    Profiled guideways with MONORAIL BM balls

    Profiled guideways with MONORAIL BM balls

    • MONORAIL BM 15 up to 3000 mm in length
    • MONORAIL BM 20 to BM 35 up to 6000 mm in length
    • MONORAIL BM 45 up to 3000 mm in length

    The MONORAIL BM profiled guideways are characterized by outstanding smoothness, low pulsation, low friction coefficients, and high traveling speeds, which is why this extremely reliable and economical product is used in medical technology, the semiconductor industry, laboratory automation, metroloty, automation, robotics, the optics industry, and machine tool construction.

    MINIRAIL profiled guideways with balls

    MINIRAIL profiled guideways with balls

    • MINIRAIL from 40 to 990 mm in length

    MINIRAIL miniature guideways are compact and precise for maximum productivity. They are extremely robust and impressive in every application due to their excellent friction movement, precision, and reliability. They are also suitable for even the smallest installation spaces and are used in particular for medical technology and industrial and laboratory automation.

    Linear bearings with roller cages

    Linear bearings with roller cages

    • Cross roller guide type R available in system lengths up to 450 mm and possible strokes of up to 315 mm

    • Cross roller guide type RN available in system lengths up to 300 mm and possible strokes of up to 210 mm

    • Cross roller guide type RNG available in system lengths up to 250 mm and possible strokes of up to 175 mm

    The guideways are suitable for many applications in the medium to high requirement range, as they have a high load rating, rigidity and precision. Even heavy-duty guideway concepts can be implemented in the smallest of spaces with the RNG type cross roller guideway. Thanks to the excellent performance of comparatively small guide cross-sections, the cost-effectiveness of many applications is unrivalled

    Frictionless tables

    Frictionless tables

    • Frictionless table type NK available in system lengths from 25 to 130 mm and possible stroke of up to 75 mm
    • Frictionless table type NKL available in system lengths from 25 to 300 mm and possible stroke of up to 75 mm

    The frictionless tables type NK and NKL are suitable for a wide range of applications. This is thanks to the large selection of different dimensions. The products are available as single-axis versions, made of aluminium, steel or cast iron, depending on the size.

    Micro frictionless tables

    Micro frictionless tables

    • Minislide MS available in system lengths up to 40 mm and strokes up to 31 mm

    • Minislide MSQ available in system lengths up to 70 mm and strokes up to 58 mm

    • Micro frictionless tables ND available in system lengths up to 95 mm and strokes up to 60 mm

    • Micro frictionless tables NDN available in system lengths up to 80 mm and strokes up to 70 mm

    Micro frictionless tables are an excellent option for those who require the highest precision and process reliability in the smallest space

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