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Code of conduct of the SCHNEEBERGER Group

Code of conduct of the SCHNEEBERGER Group

Photo from left to right: Tobias Daniel (President Sales & Marketing (CSO) SCHNEEBERGER Group), George Blaha (President and Managing Director SCHNEEBERGER Mineralgusstechnik s.r.o.), Stefan Hantke (President and CEO SCHNEEBERGER Group), Michael Dvorak (President and Managing Director SCHNEEBERGER AG Lineartechnik), Hans-Hermann Rahlmeyer (President and Managing Director SCHNEEBERGER GmbH), Monika Lanz (Chief Financial Officer (CFO) SCHNEEBERGER Group)


This Code of Conduct was agreed with the Executive Board of the Schneeberger Group.

With this Code, we commit ourselves to responsible corporate governance and responsible behavior of an internationally operating family business.

We therefore also expect all employees to feel personally responsible for compliance with this Code of Conduct and to support everyone in complying with it.

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