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Slides and miniature tables

Highest accuracy and reliability

Linear bearings and micro frictionless tables

All linear and micro frictionless tables are delivered ready for installation, pre-lubricated and pre-loaded without play. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the smallest MS4 micro frictionless tables are the right choice in terms of space and flow, or an NK linear table for high loads with great rigidity. The principle also applies here: Ball cages move more quietly, and roller cages offer greater rigidity. The MSQ series as well as tables with inserted linear guides, which are combined with FORMULA-S can deal with the utmost accelerations and linear movements in all positions in a reliable way, without any cage creep.

If the standard does not fit, we are the right partner to work with you to find the solution: we can find the right hole pattern, the optimum lubrication for your application, a defined sliding force window or even height pairing for several tables.

Frictionless tables with roller- or ball cages

Frictionless tables Type NK
Type NK frictionless tables, suitable for a wide range of applications due to their extensive selection of dimensions, are available. These tables come in a single-axis design, across five sizes, and are manufactured in either steel or cast iron, depending on the size. When equipped with Type AC roller cages and Type GB end fittings, these roller tables can be utilized for both horizontal and vertical installations.


The frictionless roller table type NKL
Compared to type NK, the frictionless roller table type NKL is lighter because its main parts are made of aluminum, making it a relatively lightweight version. Special versions are available, including those with ball or roller cages and a version with FORMULA-S.

The NE linear table
To prevent dirt penetration, the NE lineartable features a narrow gap between the top and bottom part. This closed design version is equipped with Type R longitudinal guideways across all sizes and can be utilized for movements in all directions.

Micro frictionless tables with roller- or ball cages

Type ND micro frictionless table - rollers
Type ND micro frictionless tables, designed for applications requiring high accuracies, feature top and bottom parts of equal length. The bottom part, fully hardened, is constructed as a double prism. Available in three sizes, Type ND comes as a single-axis version made of steel. Equipped with Type AC roller cages, these tables are suitable for both horizontal and vertical use.

Micro frictionless tables with ball cages - MINISLIDE MS, MINISLIDE MSQ, ND and NDN
MINISLIDE tables demonstrate extreme robustness and their high level of friction movement, precision, and reliability is evident in every application.
In many circumstances, such as at high temperatures or in ultra-high vacuum locations, the materials used in the MINISLIDE MS type micro frictionless tables with ball cages permit their use.

The MINISLIDE MSQ guideways excel in demanding applications with their advanced design for superior precision and reliability, while the ND and NDN series feature micro frictionless tables and dynamic performance with high precision, available in various sizes for versatile orientations. For detailed information on our ND, NDN, or MSQ products, explore our product page.

Positioning table with rollers type NH and NFM

Type NH
The Type NH single-axis positioning table, equipped with SCHNEEBERGER Type R2-RF longitudinal guideways, allows for manual stroke adjustment through a micrometer. The micrometer holds the top part in position against a spring, offering a reading accuracy of 0.01 mm. Comprising square top and bottom parts, the NH positioning tables facilitate easy assembly into a 2-axis table. Constructed from aluminum, the table parts enable the Type NH to be positioned both horizontally and vertically.

Type NFM
The NFM is a modular system that offers options for table base and top plate lengths, enabling strokes ranging from 25 to 150mm. The table parts are made of anodized aluminum.