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Highly-Sophisticated Machine Components for Additive Manufacturing

A.MANNESMANN for additive manufacturing

Overview of the Industrial Applications of A.MANNESMANN Products

The precision machine components from A.MANNESMANN are used in many industrial applications, which are extremely different as regards their requirements. Our products have been used in established application areas for many years. New application areas and industries are continuously being added, which use the highly-accurate components from our company to realize new production technologies.

Our workpieces and assemblies are consistently used in a variety of systems and machines that are used for a wide range of manufacturing methods. They therefore frequently form the heart of machines that are used to produce products that are covered by customers. They do this while meeting high requirements for accuracy.

A.MANNESMANN Products in Generative Production Methods

Additive manufacturing is one of the latest methods of producing workpieces made of plastics, metals and other materials. A workpiece, such as a gear wheel, is created by melting thin layers on the resulting geometry. The principle of 3D printing is also called rapid prototyping and in this way is used in model, sample and prototype construction. Additive manufacturing refers to methods that produce complete tools or end products for use. This requires machines that are compact and precise in order to generate high-precision workpieces. The patented 4-stage telescope actuators from A.MANNESMANN as well as ball screws and special actuators are installed here in order to realize this resource-conserving production method in the desired precision.

Examples of A.MANNESMANN Products in Additive Manufacturing

Examples of Application Areas of A.MANNESMANN Products in Additive Manufacturing

  • Manufacturer of 3D laser melting systems

Standards, Special Designs and Custom Production

A.MANNESMANN produces and delivers in standard designs or custom depending on the product. Look at the detailed information for our products or contact us directly. Of course we also produce a wide range of machine components individually according to your customer specification as individual parts, small series or series. We will be happy to provide you with information about our production options. Please let us know about your request or send us your inquiry.

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