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Industry: Medical technology

We offer our customers customized system solutions for medical devices and protecting people's lives.

Precision, reliability, special designs, miniaturization, integrated measuring systems and application-oriented positioning systems make us a suitable supplier for these application fields.  

Customer benefits

  •     Maximum reliability
  •     Guiding and measuring in the smallest spaces
  •     Drive systems with superior dynamics and precision

SCHNEEBERGER offers high-precision linear technology for applications in medical technology and bioengineering. 

Our focus is on: 

  •     Dental medicine.
  •     Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  •     Computer tomography (CT)
  •     Surgical microscopes
  •     Scanner systems
  •     Liquid handling
  •     DNA plate reader
  •     3D printing
  •     Cell analysis systems

SCHNEEBERGER products in medical technology


Based on the tried-and-tested MINIRAIL miniature guideway, our MINISCALE Plus, a guideway with an integrated optical distance measuring system, makes a strong impression with its precision, high speeds and accelerations in the work process, minimum amount of engineering required, quick installation and adjustment, consistent accuracy and a long service life. These features make the integrated MINISCALE PLUS optical distance measuring system a suitable partner in medical technology and bioengineering. 



  • Highest process stability at speeds of 5 m/s and accelerations of 300 m/s² (30 g)
  • Exchangeable carriages
  • Low risk of contamination thanks to low clearance between carriage and rail
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Low travel pulsation
  • Low impact sensitivity
  • Vacuum-compatible up to 10-7 mbar


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