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Application example for our SCHNEEBERGER positioning systems

Application example for our SCHNEEBERGER positioning systems

SCHNEEBERGER positioning systems are suitable especially for applications in lab technology in industry and research. In addition to the semiconductor industry, this is an important area of application for our positioning systems.

Customer advantages with SCHNEEBERGER positioning systems
SCHNEEBERGER positioning systems feature precise nanometer motions in three axes, with the greatest level of repeatability and minimal drift from the target position. SCHNEEBERGER linear technology, in combination with linear drives and optical encoders, ensures smoothness and precision over long strokes. Together with the axis control through a single controller, this results in decisive advantages for users and customers.

Scanning force microscopy and microfluidics combined
SCHNEEBERGER positioning systems are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors, including research and laboratory technology. The unique combination of scanning force microscopy and microflui dics opens up entirely new possibilities for applications in single-cell technology and surface analysis.

Precision in the lab
Specifically, samples are moved in the xy direction, and the smallest syringes with structures and channels in the range of a few nanometers to several centimeters in the z-direction. The efficiency and precision of the SCHNEEBERGER positioning system come into play here. The precise and force-sensitive positioning of the tips of the nano-syringes is now carried out completely automatically, for the first time ever.