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Machine Factory is to Grow Under Swiss Leadership

Remscheider Generalanzeiger 10/17

A.MANNESMANN belongs to the Schneeberger Group since October 01. The previous owner believes in the concept behind the merger.

Remscheid. Max W.... 

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A.MANNESMANN Stands for Flexibility in Small and Medium-Sized Companies

Remscheider Generalanzeiger 04/17

Small and medium-sized businesses are characterized by their ability to change quickly. A.MANNESMANN exhibits this by tapping into new business fields...

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A.MANNESMANN Inaugurates New Production Hall

Remscheider Generalanzeiger 01/17

Assembly, shipping and quality control on one level. The company is investing and is thus securing the location.

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Committed to Accuracy

Maschinenbau I The Swiss Industry Magazine (2016 Annual Issue)

A.MANNESMANN MASCHINENFABRIK GmbH is a group-independent company that specializes in the manufacture of geometrically sophisticated, high-precision...

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Telescopic Actuators and Machine Elements - High Positioning Accuracy for a Long Time

Beschaffung aktuell 2016-11

A.MANNESMANN is a top manufacturer in the fields of ball screws and telescopic ball screws or linear actuators as well as different...

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Precision with Great Efficiency

maschinenbau 11/2016 I The Swiss Industry Magazine

Our two and four-stage telescope actuators are the perfect solution when very large travel paths with the smallest block size are the requirements for...

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Machine Elements for Future Technologies

maschinenbau 9/2016 I The Swiss Industry Magazine

A.MANNESMANN manufactures highly-dynamic ball screws and sophisticated machine elements with high accuracy in a high degree of slenderness up to 15 m....

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Long Slender Parts in Application

Scope 9/2016

A relatively recent application case for telescopic ball screws as they are developed by the company A.MANNESMANN is the application in additive...

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More Compact than Ever - Compact Telescopic Actuators for 3D Tool Production

Technik+Einkauf 06/2016

The mechanical engineering requirements for using ball screws are becoming increasingly stringent. New technologies require large travel distances in...

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Machine Elements for 3D Printers

MM Maschinenmarkt CW48 2016

3D printers require slim space-saving machine elements that can still position accurately. Four-stage telescopic ball screws are ideally used here. ...

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Machine Elements in Individual Production or Small Series

Technik+Einkauf 04/2016

The manufacturer is focused on the production of a wide range of geometrically sophisticated, rotationally-symmetrical machine elements with a high...

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On the Test Bench - Characteristics and Requirements of High-Performance Ball Screws

Der Konstrukteur Jan./Feb. 2013

The successful operation of sophisticated machine tools depends on the performance of the ball screws used, among other factors. In addition to a...

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Standardization Concept for Ball Screws

Antriebstechnik, Automatisierungstechnik, Fluidtechnik March 01, 2008

Meeting the market needs for innovative products in ever-shorter development cycles is a constant challenge for machine manufacturers. Over time, the...

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AM Ball Screws Move Tons Down to the Micrometer

MaschinenMarkt Vogel Business Media Networks 2007

The manufacturer states that the high-performance ball screws prove their worth in practice for many years with the highest level of reliability under...

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Ball Screws Move Tons Down to the Micrometer

Deutsche Messe AG 2007

Website of EMO Hannover, technical press release

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Boring Spindle Sets for Highly Dynamic Boring and Milling Machines

Deutsche Messe AG 2007

Website of EMO Hannover, technical press release

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Increased Productivity. Telescopic Ball Screws Increase the Performance of Innovative Clamping Systems

MaschinenMarkt Vogel Business Media Networks 22 / 06

Machine developers regularly face the task of determining the appropriate drive technology to realize linear movements. High infeed accuracies and...

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Looking for the Best Drive Element

Reprint from Werkstatt und Betrieb 7 - 8 / 2005

Both versions, direct drives and ball screws, are innovative drive elements. Which of the drive systems is superior is essentially decided by the...

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What role will the icosahedron play in the future?

maschine + werkzeug 05 / 2004

Is a renaissance of parallel kinematics impending with machine tools? This is suggested by the continued development of Metrom: The machines approach...

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