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SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL AMS – Distance measurement up to 6 meters or more

SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL AMS – Distance measurement up to 6 meters or more

When space constraints and performance are required for distance measurement, MONORAIL AMS is the answer. SCHNEEBERGER integrates a measuring head and scale onto its MONORAIL profiled linear guideways. By combining guidance and measurement onto a single offers customers many significant benefits.

Customer benefits
The major advantage of the MONORAIL AMS distance measuring system from SCHNEEBERGER is that by integrating the measuring system into the MONORAIL carriage and applying the measuring scale to the guideway, it is possible to save space and reduce the overall installation process within complex machine designs. The use of MONORAIL AMS is economical without having to compromise on performance.

Long-lasting reliability
Whenever incorporating a measuring system into a machine design, such as the SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL AMS profiled guideway, there is the risk of contaminating the measuring scale due to harsh environments. This can greatly impact the functionality of the entire machine, as often can be the case when using external optical or magnetic measuring systems. Because our scale is incorporated into the carriage and therefore protected from the elements, this risk is significantly reduced. As a result, MONORAIL distance measuring system AMS achieves long-lasting reliability!

Digital and analog
The AMSA type analog, magneto-resistive distance measuring system was specifically developed for machine tools. With the AMSD type digital measuring system, it is possible to change the read head with minimal time and expense for installation and engineering. Type AMSA 3L – the product for all lengths – emphasizes with the mechanical and metrological precision of the measuring rail assemblies. The measuring systems can be controlled using many common control interfaces. In brief: Integrated AMS distance measuring systems from SCHNEEBERGER are machine-compatible with integrated distance measuring systems in ready-to-install quality, suitable for a wide range of applications in mechanical engineering and automation.

6 meters or more
The maximum one-piece profile rail length for all AMS distance measuring systems is 6 meters. For the analog systems, however, several MONORAIL guideways can be combined as required. Thanks to the special design of the rail joints, in combination with the AMSA 3L read head, joints can be traversed, and any lengths of measuring axes can be constructed.