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Sliding guideways

Steel strips with a sliding coating, if requested by customer

In case of a sliding bearing solution, the customer selects the sliding coating for the attached steel ribs

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Sliding bearings
Sliding bearings

For sliding guideways/sliding bearings, SCHNEEBERGER provides steel bars with a sliding coating selected by the customer and subsequently ground to a smooth finish. Upon request, lubrication grooves can be inserted into the sliding coating. Both standard sizes and customer-specific dimensions can be considered for external dimensions. The competence and expertise of the linear technology specialists serves them well when it comes to such specific requirements. To provide a comparable offer to the customer, it is essential that the requirements related to surface quality, grinding patterns, running surfaces, accuracy, and purpose be described in full detail.



The machinery facilities at SCHNEEBERGER and its manufacturing flexibility enable the production of any type of workpiece where precision grinding operations are required. Whether for sliding bearings or frictionless guideways, just one request will do. To provide a meaningful offer, the requirements related to surface quality, grinding patterns, running surfaces, accuracy and use must be described in full detail.


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Sliding bearings - frictionless bearings
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